Airtel Broadband Hyderabad

Talk Non-Stop Plan Details

Speed Upto 10 Mbps Upto 16 Mbps Upto 40 Mbps
Plan Rental 650 999 1299 1299 1899
FUP Download Limit(In GB) 60 GB 125GB 150 GB 150 GB 220 GB
Speed Beyond FUP Limit 1 Mbps 3 Mbps 4 Mbps 4 Mbps 6 Mbps
airtel talk non-stop offer

Airtel Broadband Unlimited Plan Rs.49

  • Unlimited Local & STD Calls
  • Applicable on all networks : Mobile & Landline
  • Not available for Corporate Segment & Telecallers

Some information is needed about this person who wrote that book. No time to go to the library, find the book and read the back cover. We want to know right now, right here. We’re going to buy a car. No time for listening to elaborate presentations by the sales-person at the showroom. We want to check out all the specifications of all the models, and then decide according to our demand and budget; right here, right now.

We move with the moment. We want to know and do everything; turn thoughts into action the moment they come to us. And the internet has played its role both as the reason and the solution in our impatient attitude. Without it, most of our right-now tasks would have been rendered impossible. And now, with the Web 2.0 initiative diversifying the internet, it is soon becoming our preferred way to access not only information but also entertainment and communication. And since we have been able to turn the internet into the biggest library in the world, the best place for watching selected entertainment, video chatting with people anywhere in the world etc, we now have to think- what next?

We can’t stay still, just because we have everything we need dished out to us. We can’t be content, because it leads to inaction which results in loss of progress. We need to find ways to make things even better, take things to the next level. The need for innovation is sky-high.

And this is where the new Airtel Broadband connections in Hyderabad are making heads turn. Airtel Broadband packaged the internet in a way that it’s radically more customized, fast and built for your exact needs, at the exact time.

Imagine just one internet connection changing its nature at any given moment according to your requirement. Imagine a 500 kbps connection accelerating into a more- than - 2 Mbps connection in just half dozen clicks. And not only that, you can even turn your data-transfer based package into a time-based connection; whenever you want, and for as long as you want. Complete freedom of bending the internet the way you want; also making sure that you pay exactly for what you have used.

Only Airtel Broadband Hyderabad allows you this much of freedom. If you are just checking your mails, you don’t need more than 200 kbps of speed. And then you feel like downloading that movie; so it makes sense to increase your speed to 2.1 Mbps. And then if you are watching a football match live on the web, it’s cheaper to watch it on a time-based connection… so just a few clicks, and you have the plan of your choice up and running.

And if this reason is enough to render Airtel Internet Hyderabad as a unique innovative service, it’s surely not the only one. Freedom manifests itself in many avatars in Airtel Broadband Internet. And one of the important avatars begins from a simple question- if it is freedom we are talking about, why should the customer be fixed to one spot with the wired connection? Airtel Internet frees you from wires with its wi-fi upgrade option. Now all you have to do is to turn on the router and you’ll have access to internet from anywhere in the house; the drawing room, your bedroom, the lawn, the bathroom… everywhere, all the time.

And what if you are leaving home? Broadband connections can’t be carried all over the country, and this is a major limitation. How can an internet service ever claim to offer freedom if it leaves you alone every time you leave the house?

But Airtel Broadband is no ordinary service, and has gone out of its way to make sure you can experience the same trusty home broadband connection even when you are not in your house. And to make this possible Airtel is setting up wi-fi at different places in Hyderabad and many other major cities. Public establishments, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas and hospitals- many such places are waiting for you to offer access to your old home broadband. As I said before; Airtel Broadband is not an ordinary broadband connection. It’s a versatile internet service, encompassing all possible options and technologies to offer you constant, undeterred access to the web.

And here’s the instance where Airtel Internet Broadband takes a leap at the future. You know already how it has taken broadband beyond wires and immobility. Know now, then, that one service related to Airtel Internet Broadband takes internet beyond computers.

Yes, beyond computers. Meaning, you won’t have to use a computer to access the internet any more. Airtel Internet Hyderabad gives you the option of using a special console, starting at just Rs.6999/-, to access the web at your convenience. The console is complete with its own usb keyboard and mouse, flat-screen monitor as well as a high-capacity hard drive. This is a smart way to access the internet as it comes way cheaper than any computer in the market. This is the future of online activities, and Airtel Internet Broadband lets you have a taste of it right now. Airtel Broadband has gone to painstaking lengths to ensure you get whatever you want, whenever you want, and just the way you want. The service profile itself speaks of a high amount of thinking out of the box. For those who understand its value, Airtel Broadband can be a possession to cherish.

In the technology field, when innovation is used in such massive scale it leads to a tech revolution. And doesn’t that go with the beat of our generation! The present young generation has brought revolution everywhere; be it the societal norms, political structures or the way technology is used in our lives; and Airtel Broadband Hyderabad has the potential for becoming a theme song for this movement.

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